Important notice – unfortunately we have had to wind the society up as of September 2018 because we were not able to get people to stand for the main roles of chair, treasurer and secretary. We are keeping this website up for general information. Some of the allotment sites in Chorley have their facebook pages. 

We have lodged our closing financial resources with the national allotment society and they will be available for bona fide applicants who restart the society. For more information contact Bill Taylor – or the allotment officer at Chorley Borough Council (Lindsey Blackstock at the time of writing) via the CBC website.



Avian Flu – advice for hen keepers

DEFRA issued guidance just after Christmas to extend the controls in place to prevent avian flu spreading to poultry flocks. All poultry keepers (no matter what the size of their flock) are obliged to take steps to prevent contact between their poultry and wild birds, and to increase levels of bio-security. This means either keeping birds in coops all the time or covering runs they may be in. For small runs, this latter course is possible, but for bigger areas it will be very difficult. Increased bio-security is around footbaths with approved disinfectant in (if you walk in the run) and ensuring food and water cannot be accessed by wild birds and vermin. If you keep your hens in a coop it needs to be of sufficient size, with light and ventilation. Any openings must be netted to prevent wild birds getting in.

The current requirement from DEFRA is that all keepers of poultry continue to keep their poultry housed or totally net or cover runs.  The current restrictions run until 28 February when they will be reviewed. After 28 February, it is likely that keepers outside  ‘Higher Risk Areas’ will be able to allow their flocks access to fenced areas outside, as long as they can prevent wild birds accessing them (and have been doing so for the past 50 days). At present it looks like the more severe restrictions will continue to apply to the western part of the Borough. Don’t think that just because you only have a few hens, you don’t count – a backyard flock in Wales has been affected. You should also check your hens regularly to see that they are looking well. Any signs of illness should be reported to a vet and further advice taken.



We are delighted to welcome Timber & Fencing specialists John Hy Mayor & Sons in Leyland to our discount scheme. They will give Society members Trade Prices (discount of up to 15%) on production of their membership card. Very helpful and friendly people –  give them a try. See discount page for their location & website.



See our ‘Seasonal Planner and Grow Guides’ Page for help with planning your plot and growing crops.