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On this page you will find news and updates from The National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners’ – AKA ‘The National’. Sorry – its not about racing tips for Aintree!

ChAS is a member of ‘The National’ and we are part of the North West Counties Region. The National works hard to promote and protect allotments, lobbying parliament and civil servants when policy is being made, supporting local associations on issues such as ensuring sufficient plots are provided, and that sites are protected, where steep rent increases are proposed and where disputes arise. It also has the role of encouraging the formation and the proper running of local societies and federations. The National has very few paid staff and relies on volunteers in a regional structure who put in many hours of work to ensure it is strong.

NOTE – It is usual in areas that have more allotments than Chorley for each site to form its own Association, then these Associations join together to form a ‘Federation’ for the Local Authority area. So in our case there would be a Crosse Hall Association, a Bay Horse Association, a Windsor Rd Association etc and all would join together to form a Chorley Federation. However, in Chorley because of the historically low number of plots and the small size of some of the sites this would not be sustainable. So we have a single Society for the whole Borough. So when you see references to ‘Federations’ in the National and Regional Publications, they refer to the grouping of sites in a Local Authority area – the function that ChAS performs in Chorley. If members on individual sites would like to come together to organise site-based events etc, ChAS will be happy to support you.

ChAS pays a levy per member per year to the National to  maintain our membership.

The National publishes a magazine – ‘Allotment and Leisure Gardener’ 4 times a year. Individual subscriptions are available from

One of the main functions of the Regional Committee is to co-ordinate exhibits at the two major horticultural shows held in the region each year – at Tatton and Southport. In 2014 their efforts won a large Gold Medal and the Challenge Trophy. If any member is interested in helping in future shows, please contact Here are some images of the 2014 exhibit.




The North West Region issues newsletters from time to time and we will add these to this page periodically.

NW Counties update 6 March 2015

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NWC Roundup 10 Feb 2015