Compost Corner

If you have any composting tips you would like to share with other Society members, please contact us (details on contact page).

* Christmas Recycling: Try to re-use or recycle as many things as you can at christmas, for example, bows, frills and cracker decorations can be kept to decorate next years gifts. If you are not crafty yourself pass them on to children to use.

* Remeber to compost broken nut shells and peel from tangerines or any other fruit waste.

* Pine cones burn beautifully or roll them in suet and tie them to a tree to feed hungry wild birds. Whole coconut shells will probably never decay, so try pouring used fat from cooking into them and leaving to cool to make another bird feeder. If wrapping paper is too ripped to put in the recycling, crumple it into small balls for the compost bin.


*It will soon be time to start planting seeds and it is important to use the right compost, as failure to germinate can be very diappointing. This is a summary taken from Which? Magazine.

They recommend the best for seeds:

*B&Q Multipurpose compost with a score of 88/100
*B&Q Sowing and cutting compost with a score of 71/100
*New Horizon Grow Bag with a score of 71/100
For young plants:
*B&Q Multipurpose compost with a score of 88/100
*St John Innes No2 with a score of 82/100
Unfortunately homebase multipurpose peat free, Vital Earth multipurpopse and seed cutting compost and Murphys multipurpose compost did not fair very well at all.

The society cannot recommend or disregard a compost make, we are just passing on the findings of Which? Survey. Make up your own mind.

valentines day and Chinese New Year are on the same day this year. If you are celebrating either or both, think of Green love! Would someone enjoy a living plant, that can be kept for years, instead of something plastic and disposable? Fresh flowers can be checked for making cuttings, and of course chopped up and composted when they wilt. Hopefully your florist will have removed the thorns. I find that thorns don’t rot, and pose a hazard, so I don’t compost those.

Ash is a great fertilizer and deters slugs. Do you have a neighbour with a wood burning stove that would be haapy to let you take their ash away?

This year compost awareness week will take place 2nd – 8th May 2010. The theme is ‘give it a grow’ and aims to encourage us all to try something different, and extend our behaviour into new activities. Have a look at the ‘recycle now’ website.