Top Tips

See our planner on the ‘Seasonal Planner and Grow Guides’ page for more information.


Get those seeds sown! If you have a greenhouse, you can get them going early.

Keep on top of annual weeds. Keep grass borders trimmed




Despite the cold weather, there are still jobs to do on your allotment:

  • Test the PH of your soil (it becomes more acidic with time) with a PH meter or soil testing kit.  MOst things like it neutral, PH 7, Brassicas especially don’t like acid, add some lime to the soil, but not at the same time as manure.
  • Its never too late to clean the greenhouse and the pots in it ready for the growing season.
  • Potatoes often arrive in January, remove them from their bag and place in egg boxes ready for chitting.
  • Prune apple trees and soft fruit while they are dormant
  • Don’t forget to check stored fruit and vegetables and remove any dodgy ones.